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Based on four decades of experience working with thousands of business owners across the country, we developed our turnkey Blueprints to help business owners get results quickly and effectively on very specific issues. To see the full list of our Blueprints, click here.

Preparing For The Unexpected™

Summary. The Preparing For The Unexpected™ Blueprint is our flagship program that is designed specifically for business owners whose unexpected death or serious illness would have a significant impact on their business and the lives that depend on it. We prepare business owners for an unexpected tragedy by designing and implementing a comprehensive Blueprint that provides the action steps and accountability needed to protect the business. Our founder, Nate Sachs, a cancer survivor himself, understands the importance of this work because he has lived it.

Materials. We provide all of the necessary materials, including specimen documents, coordination with attorneys, accountants, trust officers, and other necessary professionals, executed by our team. Planning is conducted in 30-minute sessions and can take place at the client’s office, our office in Scottsdale, or virtually.

Action Steps. When this Blueprint is complete, the business owner will have:

  • A complete set of contingency instructions outlining who will do what, when, and where in the event of the death or serious illness of the business owner.
  • A complete and detailed Succession Plan.
  • Stay Put Agreements guaranteeing that key employees will stay in place and assist the owner’s family in the case of the owner’s death.
  • Key employee assessment report.
  • One document with all pertinent information the family would need to know; assets, liabilities, account numbers, passwords, PIN numbers, etc.
  • Written funeral instructions and detailed end-of-life directives.
  • A Buy-Sell Agreement (if one does not exist), including:
    • Education on all of the nuances to a Buy-Sell Agreement.
    • Sample documents for a Buy-Sell Agreement.
  • If there is an existing Buy-Sell Agreement, it will be reviewed by attornyes.
  • Assistance with obtaining a complete and updated set of estate planning documents from an attorney.
  • Understanding of all risks involved in the event of the premature death, illness, or disability of the business owner.
  • A complete audit of all life insurance policies assuring a program that is adequate, efficient, and cost effective.
  • A Survivorship Analysis for all of the cash flow needs of the owner’s family.
  • If an insurance product is needed and desired, we will obtain quotes from over 100 insurance companies and complete the underwriting of those products.

We will meet with the business owner to review all of the above on an annual basis at no additional cost.

Is This for Me?

Expect the unexpected. The business owners that lie in bed at night worrying about the “tomorrows” should really be thinking, “what happens if there is no tomorrow?” Even the most successful business owners are too caught up working in their business when they should be working on their business.

Sound like you? Without you, everything could fall apart. Without proper preparation, you have not eliminated exposure for your family, your business and the families who depend on your business.

What are you waiting for? With a wide variety of Blueprints, our program can help you identify and implement unique solutions to your greatest concerns. We know your time is valuable, so we’ll help you get started with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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